Rooster whirligig


The crowing and pecking rooster has always been a firm favourite for the whirligig maker. Whirligigs possibly began as a method of scaring birds from fields but quickly changed to adopt a whole range of agricultural and rustic motifs especially farm favourites such as hens and roosters. The example shown here rears its head as the torso, driven by a crank shaft oscillates on a pivot fixed through the upper legs. He crows with gravity causing the lower beak to fall forward as the head, connected to a connecting rod raises and lowers. The beak returns to a closed position as the head falls to its forward position and the cycle repeats. The wings are fixed to two further connecting rods fixed to the side of the box causing them to raise and lower a little as the bird’s torso oscillates. The brightly coloured beast stands astride a distressed finish box reminiscent of fair ground or travelling show art. He is made from painted birch plywood with brass and aluminium mechanical components. Shipping costs will depend on your location. Please contact us for a quote before purchasing the toy. Thank you. © Michael Screen 2019