Download the detailed and easy to follow construction plans to build this terrifying push along dinosaur toy. He's made from laminated, carved and painted timber. The dinosaur toy uses a linkage mechanism to cause the head to simultaneously lunge up and down as the jaws snap open and shut. A cavity inside the abdomen contains an eccentric cam to drive the head mechanism as the wheels rotate. Gravity keeps the head assembly in constant contact with the eccentric cam wheel. When you push or pull him, he charges along on legs connected to the wheels and makes a lovely snap sound as the jaws shut. The grasping forearms hang freely waiting to grab its prey. The figure is completed with an articulated tail made by gluing angled timber slats on either side of a canvas interface causing it to swing side to side as the figure is pushed and pulled along. The addition of some 4mm dowel teeth complete his air of reptilian menace. © Michael Screen 2019