Fisherman Whirligig

The fisherman rows steadily as the wind blows aided by a worm drive reducer mechanism located just below the figure. A 1:10 velocity reduction is achieved by connecting a worm gear to a spur gear allowing a more even and lugubrious output motion. The old salty sea dog strains and bends on the oars in a more dignified and stoic manner than might be possible without the output speed/velocity reduction. The worm and spur gear combination also changes the direction of the propellers rotary motion transmitting it through ninety degrees to the crank shaft and oars which make 360 degree rotations for each ten revolutions of the propeller. The fearless gull is connected to a cam mechanism concealed within the box within the row boat; He nods frantically as the propeller turns, begging for a fish or rebuking the hapless fisherman? Its hand made from painted birch plywood, softwood sealed with yacht varnish for durability. Shipping costs will depend on your location. Please contact us for a quote before purchasing the toy. Thank you.