Crocodile Push Pull Toy

The Cranky Carved Crocodile snaps and waddles along with enough character and menace not to be too cutesy or twee. Kids love him and shriek with a mixture of fascination and fear as he ambles toward them. The crocodile toy’s upper jaw opens and closes, its head goes up and down to create the snapping action. With careful shaping, the jaws will make a satisfying snapping sound as they close. The head is sculpted to give the reptilian texture and appearance of a crocodile with the addition of teeth made from 4mm dowels set into drilled sockets in the toy’s mouth. The legs use the outside wheel peg and pivot technique to create the walking illusion. Finally, the finishing touch is an articulated tail made from softwood. This scary but fun toy was designed, made and decorated by hand as an individual and unique creation. Shipping costs will depend on your location. Please contact us for a quote before purchasing the toy. Thank you. © Michael Screen 2019